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Reconome is a refurbisher of IT equipment that extends the useful life of devices for positive social impact. As a certified B Corp, it works with stakeholders across the UK, from large corporations to local community organisations, remanufacturing equipment, and distributing it affordably to underserved segments of the population.

Laptops for Kids

Laptops for Kids is a charitable organisation that facilitates the donation, secure erasure and distribution of used digital devices, enabling children from disadvantaged backgrounds to have access to the technology they need to participate in remote learning.

Community Calling

Community Calling

We are a smartphone gifting scheme run by environmental charity Hubbub and mobile network O2. We collect old, unwanted smartphones and redistribute them to vulnerable communities across the UK.

Whitefield Primary School

Whitefield Primary School is an EDtech50 Beacon school located in Liverpool requiring more home learning equipment


We help individuals and organisations think about their electronic waste differently. Our easy to use platform allows users to donate their devices and we take care of the secure wiping, refurbishing and distribution. Our platform is completely volunteer powered by individuals who are committed to help the next generation access devices and digital skills.

Computer Recyclers UK

Computer Recyclers UK offer secure GDPR compliant IT asset collection, disposal, data destruction & re-use services, and proudly run the Get Online @ Home initiative supplying refurbished windows 10 computers throughout the UK & Northern Ireland, plus affordable home broadband advice, to help achieve digital access for all.

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