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Reboot partners, SWGfL have put together a ‘Back to School’ pack


Our Reboot partners, SWGfL have put together a ‘Back to School’ pack that includes all the latest resources and guidance for the new school year. With so much change going on and with schools transitioning back to regular practice, it’s important to stay on top of the latest online safety information.

Included in the pack is a bundle of downloadable resources including:

  • Reopening of schools – online safety considerations
  • Safe Remote Learning
  • Social Media Checklists
  • Safer Blended Learning
  • Video Conferencing – Safeguarding and Privacy
  • SWGfL Calendar – Important dates and resources for the year.

There are also digital tools and services available to support ongoing responsibilities throughout the year including:

  • Online Safety Training
  • Data protection services
  • Internet Security software
  • Online Safety Reviewing

There is also clear signposting for the various helplines that can support the whole community.

  • Professionals Online Safety Helpline (POSH)
  • Report Harmful Content
  • Revenge Porn Helpline

It’s all available in one place and accessible for the new school year. Have a look at what’s included!


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By Chris Ashworth

Chris is the Head of Public Benefit for Nominet, and lead for the Reboot Project. Chris was part of the original DevicesDotNow initiative. @chrisashworthNT

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