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Mer-IT Digital

Currently donating computers to schools and residents in need.


We help individuals and organisations think about their electronic waste differently. Our easy to use platform allows users to donate their devices and we take care of the secure wiping, refurbishing and distribution. Our platform is completely volunteer powered by individuals who are committed to help the next generation access devices and digital skills.

Health Connections Mendip

Health Connections Mendip logo

Health Connections Mendip is sited as a model (both nationally and internationally) for social prescribing, known as “The Frome Model”. Since 2013 Health Connections Mendip has been at the forefront of social prescribing within the community. By bringing together the valuable wealth of community support groups that already exist, they were able to map out … Read more


The aim of the organisation shall be to provide training and support to vulnerable communities and unemployed people around employ-ability skills, life skills and interpersonal skills, leading to further education/training or future employment. The mediums of hair, make up and design will be used for engagement and empowerment of people living in isolation; with health … Read more

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