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Sourcing accessories

Now, it’s time to think about accessories. Devices are useless without chargers and other accessories. 

By the end of this step, you’ll have the information needed to decide which of these three options you want to take:

  • Asking donors to donate accessories with their devices
  • Procuring new accessories at a cost
  • Taking a mixed approach

Key insights

  • Accessories

    There are several common accessories, but they differ between makes and models. It’s vital that you have the right accessories for each device. Common accessories include:

    • Chargers
    • USB connectors
    • Mice (if devices need them)
    • Stylus pens (needed for some tablets)
    • Network connectivity accessories (e.g. dongles, we’ll tell you more about how these can be reused later)

Ensuring recipients’ needs are met

Option 1. Mandatory donation with the device

Only accepting devices when accompanied by the right accessories will lower your costs but can reduce the number of donations you receive.


  • Reduces the cost of supplying accessories
  • Saves time as devices and accessories will already be paired


  • Is likely to reduce the number of donations you receive

Option 2. Procuring from suppliers

Accepting donations without accessories may encourage generosity, but you’ll need to purchase any that are needed from a partner organisation. Alternatively, you can ask a telco or an IT firm to support you by providing accessories. 

One of our partner schemes was supported by a telco. It funded the cost of new chargers.


  • You are likely to get more donations


  • The cost (unless you get a partner on board)

Option 3. A mixed approach

The best solution is often to encourage donors to include accessories, if they have them, but offer to accept donations without accessories too. This cuts the costs of supplying accessories, but you’ll still need some funding as you’ll need to replace missing items. 

One of our partner schemes has had success by taking a mix and match approach.


  • Reduces costs whilst maximising donation numbers


  • Will incur some costs (unless you get a partner on board)

Things to think about

  • Cost

    You will need to cover any additional costs, unless you can find another organisation who will support you.

  • Maximising donation numbers

    Donors may not know where their accessories are, or they may be using them with their new device. Making accessories mandatory may reduce the number of donations you receive.

  • Accessory limitations

    Some accessories can be used across multiple models, e.g. iPhone leads, but not with other makes. You should make sure that chargers are licensed products produced by the device’s manufacturer. Do not buy accessories from non-reputable sources as these can be dangerous.

Next Step

Getting connected

Connectivity needs to be a core part of your campaign. After all, there’s little point in having an internet ready device if you can’t access the internet!


Ready to get started?

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