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Delivering devices

This is the most exciting step of the process as you’ll soon see what a difference your hard work has made. Delivering restored devices to recipients will be a moment to remember...


Key insights

  • Changing passwords

    Any pre-set passwords should be reset by the recipient when they take ownership of their device. You must dispose of all previous password records in compliance with UK data regulations (see the Terms of Engagement for more details).


Option 1. Asking the community for help (partners)

Schools, libraries and community groups may be able to use their existing capacity to help you deliver devices. 

By joining forces, a charity and a commercial partner were able to use their existing distribution partners to deliver devices to users.


  • You'll be able to deliver devices more quickly
  • They may already have existing relationships which they can leverage for support


  • You’ll need to be clear about what you expect from them 

Option 2. Managing the process yourself

You may prefer to manage deliveries yourself. This will allow you to meet recipients in person and demonstrate how their new device works. However, COVID-19 may make this difficult.


  • You’ll have more control over the delivery process
  • You’ll be on hand to answer any initial questions


  • You’ll need to ensure that vulnerable recipients feel safe
  • It can be time consuming

Things to think about

  • COVID-19

    As a precaution against COVID-19, devices should be wiped down and left for 72 hours before being delivered. Don’t forget that some cleaning materials can damage screens, so check before using them.

    Delivering devices may be difficult if there’s a lockdown. Vulnerable recipients will appreciate you taking extra care.

  • Data privacy

    Each step in the process to transfer the device to the end user must comply with UK data protection law. If your organisation has any questions in relation to this, you are advised to seek legal advice.

    Recipients may be unable to access the Terms of Engagement online. Providing them with a physical copy before they agree to participate is advisable, as this will allow you to secure their agreement before transferring ownership of any devices.

Next Step

Providing ongoing support

Inexperienced recipients will need support to get the most out of their new devices, so aftercare is vital.


Ready to get started?

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